ETON high-speed general-purpose KT10S SMT mounter

By eton

ETON high-speed general-purpose KT10S SMT mounter;Break through the industry routine and greatly improve the speed, accuracy and stability of products.

ETON SMT Mounter KT10S Features:

  • The X, Y and Z axes all adopt self-developed high-end magnetic levitation motors
  • The Y-axis adopts a dual-drive gantry structure
  • One control and one independent corner system
  • Support automatic nozzle switching function (optional)
  • Standard station 52PCS (optional bilateral 104PCS)
  • Extensive PCB processing capabilities enable multi-station and multi-material placement
  • Support 0201~4040mm encapsulation material and IC tray material (1212~4040mm components need to be equipped with fixed camera)
  • PCB board range: 5050mm~500470mm (length can be customized)

 high-speed general-purpose KT10S SMT mounter

Optimal production capacity


Total weight2080kg
Outline Dimension

*Support customization

high-speed general-purpose KT10S SMT mounter


Integrated placement head

Lightweight, the head is integrally formed, and the 10 sets of Z axes are independently controlled by modular magnetic linear motor, which greatly improves the speed, accuracy and stability.

Vision system

The integrated high-speed and precise flight recognition camera improves the recognition.

Precise Corner System

The modular corner system independently controls the angle of each component to ensure high-precision placement.10 suction nozzles per head, center distance 16mm.

Vacuum Sensing Device

Each placement head with independent detection function, which improves the stability of the equipment and the reliability of the product.

Ultra-high-speed Capability

Adopt High-end magnetic linear motor,servo system and multi function modular head, the capacity increased by 25% compared with traditional machine,optimum placement speed reach 48000 CPH.


Component size

chip Component size

Optical Recognition Camera

Head flightrecognition + fixed flight recognition(optional),components with size less than 40*40mm and height less than 20mm can be used to high-speed and high-precision indentification.

Double Mark camera Recognition:High-precision Mark recongnition system,adopt 3- color illumination recognition, apply toany shape Mark and LENS(Blu-ray scan),wider range of applications.

Fixed flight vision camera (OPtion):High-speed flight vision camera,quickly captures multiple head images at once,perform visual calibration of image position,alignment correction,adjustable lightsource brightness.

Intelligent Electric Feeder

Support YT series double head intelligent electric tape reel feeder,by optically correcting the feeding position of the component, it can achieve stable,accurate and high-speed feeding.


  • Single Gantry, 10 splines.
  • Maximum PCB board: 500470mm, Minimum 5050mm.
  • Optional IC tray,flexible prodcution
  • Flexible wiring through modular placement heads and various production modes.


  • Brand new self-developed high-precision placement head.
  • Combine high accuracy Mark recognition camera with fixed flight vision camera, ensure placement accuracy.
  • The placement head adopt independent vacuum detection,improve placement performance.
  • Off-line programming,save time of changeover cycle.
  • Software Al intelligent learning function and automatic optimization function.
  • Support provide MES system interface.
  • Equipped coordinate import function.

ETON SMT mounter KT10S parameters:

PCB size(L*W)Max size: 500*470mm(The length can be customized)
Min size: 50mm*50mm
PCB thickness0.5-5mm
PCB clampingCylinder clamping,track width adjustable
Fixed rail way1 Rail,(Rail 1 is fixed rail)
SystemWindows 7
SoftwareETON R&D independetly
Off-line programmingAvailable
No.of head fly vision camera1PCS
Calibration methodVision alignment+Mark correction
Repeat precisionCHIP±0.03mm IC±0.025mm Cpk≥1.0 (3σ)
Mounting height≤20mm
Mounting speed48000CPH(optimum  speed)
Components rangeMini 0201~12*12mm packages and lCetc.(IC Tray feeder:Option)
Power1Φ 220AC 50HZ 1.5KW
Operating environment23°c ± 3°c
Transmission directionStandard:Single direction
Transmission modeOnline drive
Position modeOptical
Air consumption0.4-0.6mpa (4-6kgf/cm2) 150N/min
Electrical controlIndependent research and development by ETON
Motion  control card module 1 setIndependent research and development by ETON
X, Y,Z Axis drive wayHigh-end magnetic linear motor
No. of Feeder stationstandard 52 PCS
No.of Heads10PCS
Feeding wayI ntelligent feederwith double motor
Production management MES System interfaceCustomized
fixed fly vision camera1PCS( Can identify components below 40*40mm)
Feeders No.bilateral 104PCS (OPtion)
Automatic replacement nozzle functionOption
ETON SMT mounter KT10S parameters

Note: The above mounting speed is the value under the optimal state, the actual speed varies with the mounting product

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