Semiconductor IGBT mounter YT10B

By eton

ETON Semiconductor IGBT Mounter YT10B is equipped with gantry dual-drive linear motor, which gives this model a powerful power “heart”. At the same time, the model is also equipped with modern devices such as automatic wafer disc feeder, automatic switching nozzle structure, 3-channel alcohol spraying mechanism, automatic thimble nozzle mechanism, wafer disc automatic film expansion mechanism, etc., to meet the automated production needs of customer enterprises more efficiently.

This product has been rated as the leading product of China’s semiconductor IGBT placement machine by the industry. Compared with expensive other brand products, the performance of this model is not inferior, but the cost performance is significantly higher, becoming the preferred product for Chinese semiconductor placement machines.

It is used for automatic loading and placement of wafers, solder lugs, spacers, stacked product materials and tooling materials in IGBT packaging. The equipment platform, modular hardware design and software modular architecture can flexibly match equipment functions based on the needs of the production line process, and the equipment is suitable for industrial modules, vehicle modules and other situations that require placement processes.

Semiconductor IGBT Mounter YT10B Features:

  • It can mount multi-form materials: chip mounting (wafer 6 inches, 8 inches or 12 inches, or tray loading), solder patch (tray loading/feeder/vibrating plate loading), Spacer mounting, stacking DBC, etc
  • Modular design, flexible configuration: equipment platform, modular hardware design and software modular architecture
  • The software interface is flexible and user-friendly, and the programming is guided
  • High accuracy of the sticker: radial ±5U, rotation ±0.05°, Sticker force control ≤70g, Sticker laser measurement accuracy ±10U
  • Ejector pin heating and module quick change: The thimble has heating function (temperature can be set) to increase the speed of tearing film, and the thimble sleeve is automatically replaced
  • Strong information tracking function: wafer mapping information reading, ink dot automatic identification, 1D code automatic reading, material placement position tracking
  • Support common communication protocol: provide Secs-Gem manual and SVID information

Semiconductor IGBT mounter YT10B internal structure display:

❶: Automatic switching of nozzle device

❷: Automatic widening of the transport track

❸: Wafer disc automatic expansion mechanism

❹: Automatic thimble replacement mechanism

❺: Automatic wafer tray loader

❻: 10 nozzle placement head

❼: Gantry dual-drive linear motor

❽: 3-channel alcohol spraying mechanism

❾: Bottom flying camera

❿: 4 stations to fly to the platform

YT10B internal structure

Technical parameters of semiconductor IGBT placement machine YT10B

ModelYT10B semiconductor mounter machine
L*W*HL 2200 X W1480 X H 1520mm
Total weight2110kg
PCB size(L*W)Max size: 600mm*400mm
Min size: 50mm*50mm
PCB thickness0.5-18mm
PCB clampingcylinder clamping, track width adjustable
RailSingle-track, single-arm
SystemWindows 7
softwareETON R&D independently
Production Management MES optionCustomized(Option)
off-line programmingOptional disposition
Vision system

No. of camera
1 set/bottom fixed flying racket(Digital camera)
Vision alignment+Mark correction
Repeat precision±0.01mm
Mounting speed1.5K UPH
Mounting height≤20mm
Components0.1 *0.2~16*16mm
Power380AC SOHZ
Power consumption1.2KW
Operating environment23°C±3°C
Transmission directionStandard: Single direction
Transmission modeOnline drive
Position modeOptical
Air consumption0.4-0.6mpa (4-6kgf/cm2)  200L/min
Electrical controlIndependent research and development by ETON
Motioncontrol card module 1 setIndependent research and development by ETON
X,Y,Z Axis drive wayHigh-end magnetic linear motor
Number of nozzles10PCS
Feeding/feeding system
Adhesive spraying feeder:Plug and play, size L444 W100H115MM nozzle configuration: 1 vertical nozzle, 2 cross nozzles (32°C), support special customization
Solder lug feederSize: L623W81H113.5MM corresponding solder lug: W2-20mm, L2-17mm, support special customization
FeederNTC electric feeder
Flux dipperSize: L444W230H115MM can be dipped in solder paste/flux, adjustable thickness 50um~3mm
Wafer feeding systemSupport 6-inch, 8-inch, 12-inch wafers (10 layers), chip thickness 50um
Technical parameters of YT10B semiconductor mounter machine

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