Chinese’s high-speed LED mounter T9-2S

By eton

Chinese’s high-speed LED mounter T9-2s is the most mature LED mounter of the Yitong Zhen series, which supports belt LED 3014/3020/2835/5050 or resistor, capacitor, bridge stack and other incoming processing; it is also a mature model of Yitong mounter, T9-2S achieves efficient production through rich functions.

Optimal capacity:


High Speed LED Mounter T9
  • High-speed Modular Head
  • ETON Tech Adjustable Placement Head
  • Apply to 3014/3020/2835/5050 resistor, capacitor,bridge rectifier etc.
Total weight3100kg
Outline Dimension


ETON Tech Adjustable Placement Head

Component picking position can be adjusted according to PCB pad pitch,min 6.5mm. Apply to LED 3014/3020/2835/5050 resistor,capacitor, bridge rectifier etc.wide component range.

Ultra-high-speed Capacity

The placement head adopt the method of two times picking and once placing. The placement time greatly minimized with the improved placement way, excellent optimum capacity reach 500000CPH.

High-speed placement head of the placement machine

Unique Design Component Leaking Detection And Individual Component Refill Function

Recognition camera record the component leaking position of PCB,and fill the missing component accordingly.


  • Adjust the conveying platform according to various roll to roll strip,range 25010mm,the max length range is 1M per cycle.
  • The distance of feeder station can be flexibly adjusted to achieve group picking and group placing,so as to realize the function of two time picking and once placing.
  • The range of feeding station is double of placement head,can produce four kinds of materials at the same time.
  • Intelligent electric feeder,supporting high-speed machine series.


  • Flight recognition camera,no pause to detect the presence or absence of components,component adsorption state,prevent placement errors Automatic production with identification data,correction and fill missing component automatically
  • The clamping rod is driven by the air cylinder to correct the materials taken by mounting head.
  • With the function of filling missing component automatically, realize Industry 4.0 Unmanned Workshop.
  • Compliant with CE standards.


LED mounter T9-2S production site:

LED mounter T9-2S features:

  • Three high-speed SMD heads,
  • Achieve efficient feeding
  • Flexible support for production sites
  • A variety of functions are standard for high-quality placement

Technical parameters of LED mounter T9

PCB size(Width*Length)250(±10)mm Any length
PCB Thickness0.1~0.5mm
PCB clampingVacuum adsorption, cylinder clamping, trackwidth adjustable
Mounting wayGrouppicking and group placing
Mounting modeDouble rail + Four groups of placement heads
SystemWindows 7
SoftwareETON R&D independently
DisplayLED display
Production management MES systemCustomized(Option)
Vision system
No.of camera10 sets (Digital camera)
Vision alignment+Mark correction
Repeat precision±0.05mm
Mounting height≤5mm
Mounting speedDouble side:500000CPH,single side:250000CPH(Optimum speed)
Components rangeLED 3014/3020/3528/5050 and resistor, capacitors, bridge rectifiers etc.
Power380AC 50Hz
Power consumption9.6KW
Operating environment23°c ± 3°c
Conveyor transmissionMax Length:1000 mm
Transmission speed>500mm/sec
Transmission directionSingle (left →right or right →left)
Transmission modeOnline drive
Positioning modeOptical
Air consumption0.4-0.6mpa(4-6 kgf/cm2)150N/min
Electrical controlIndependent research and development by ETON
Motion control card module 2 setIndependent research and development by ETON
X,Y Axis drive wayHigh-end magnetic linear motor+servo motor
Feeding System
No.of Feeder stationDouble side:144PCS(single side:72PCS)
No.of headDouble side:144PCS(single side:72PCS)
FeedingwayIntelligent electricfeeder with double motor

Note: The above mounting speed is the value under the optimal state, the actual speed varies with the mounting product

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