LED high-speed ETON mounter F7S for display screen

By eton

LED high-speed ETON mounter F7S for display screen Features:

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Optimal production capacity


Length 2700mm
Total weight1700kg
Outline Dimension
diverse functions,efficient production
LED high-speed ETON mounter F7S for display screen


ETON R&D Adjustable Placement Head

Component picking position can be adjusted according to PCB pad pitch,min 13mm. Apply to LED 3014/3020/2835/5050 resistor,capacitor, bridge rectifier etc.wide componentrange.

Digital camera

Unique Design Component Leaking Detection And Individual Component Refill Function

Recognition camera record the component leaking position of PCB, independent Angle and mounting can be achieved by a separate feeder

Ultra-high-speed Capacity

The mounting head adopts group taking and group placing, which is greatly shortened by improving the process of taking and placing time, to achieve the company’s optimal conditions under 180000CPH excellent mounting ability.

High-speed placement head of the placement machine

Technical parameters of ETON machine F7S:

ModelHT-F7S [formerly HF-F8]
PCB Length widthMax:1200*330mm min:100*100mm
PCB Thickness0.5~5mm
PCB ClampingAdjustable pressure pneumatic
Mounting modeGroup to take and group to mount
SystemWindows 7
SoftwareETON R&D Independently
DisplayLED monitor
Input deviceKeyboard,mouse
No.of camera5 PCS (Digital camera)
Vision alignment,Mark correction
Repeat mounting precision±0.02mm (Repeat precision)
Mounting height≤5mm
Mounting speed150000~180000 CPH
ComponentsLED 3014/3020/3528/5050 and resistor,capacitors,bridge rectifiers
Components space0.5mm
No. of feeders station68 PCS
No.of head34 PCS
Power380AC 50Hz
Power consumption6KW
Operating environment23°C ± 3°C
Conveyor transmissionMax Length:1200 mm
Transmission speed>500mm/sec
Transmission directionSingle(left➔right or right➔left)
Transmission modeOnline drive
Positioning wayOptical
Air supply0.4-0.6mpa(4-6 kgf/cm2)150N/min
Electrical controlIndependent research and development by ETON
Motion control card module 1 setIndependent research and development by ETON
X,Y Axis drive wayHigh-end magnetic linear motor+servo motor
Feeding wayelectric feeder with double motor
Mixture detection and automatic feeding functionStandard configuration
Note: The above placement speed is the value of the optimal environment, and the actual speed varies depending on the placement product

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