ETON YT402 multi-function high-speed mounter

By eton

ETON YT402 Multifunctional High-speed Mounter Features:

The “high-speed universal all-in-one placement head” has been greatly upgraded to achieve extremely high productivity and versatility

  • High-speed Multi Modular Head
  • NON replace modular head
  • Apply to 0201~10mm tape reel package and lC tray feeder
YT40s Optimal Capacity


总重量/Total weight1700kg
Outline Dimension
SMT mounter machine YT40S


High-speed Multi Modular Head

Adopt High-speed multi modular head,apply to ultra small chip 0201~10*10mm large Chip,wider component range.

Modular Head

Each module 20 spindles, both high-speed and intelligent with light compact design.

High-speed placement head of the placement machine

Vacuum Sensing Device

Each placement head with independent detection function,which improves the stability of the equipment and the reliability of the product.

Ultra-high-speed Capability

Adopt High-end magnetic linear motor,servo system and multi function modular head,the capacity increased by 25% compared with traditional machine,optimum placement speed reach 120000 CPH.

Brand New Flight Vision Camera

Improve recognition performance,size up to 10mm*10mm.


Fixed Line Scan Camera

Components with size less than 10 * 10mm or height less than 6mm can be used Do high-speed and high-precision identification.

Mark recognition

High-precision Mark recognition system,adopt 3-color illumination recognition,apply to any shape Mark and LENS(Blu-ray scan),wider range of applications.

Fixed Line Scan Camera

High-speed fixed line scan vision camera,quickly captures multiple head images at once,perform visual calibration of image position,alignment correction,adjustable light source brightness.

Wire-scan camera
Docking Cart

Double side docking cart slot 32PCS,tape reel packages:64PCS (single side docking cart slot 16PCS,tape reel packages:32PCS).

Smart Double-head Tape feeder

Support YT series double head intelligent electric tape reel feeder,by optically correcting the feeding position of the component,it can achieve stable,accurate and high-speed feeding.


  • Brand new self-developed high-precision placement head.
  • Ultra-high-speed bottom flight vision camera ensure high accuracy.
  • The placement head adopt independent vacuum detection,improve placement performance.
  • Off-line programming,save time of changeover cycle.
  • Software Al intelligent learning function and automatic optimization function.


  • Two gantry,20 spindles*2 Gantry,total 40 spindles.
  • Flexible PCB handling capabilities,double rail,both gantry can mount the same large PCB at the same time,realizing flexible production.
  • Flexible wiring through modular placement heads and various production modes.
  1. Double Module-Two PCB「left」
  2. Double Module-One PCB「right」

Technical parameters of ETON mounter YT402

Mounter modelYT40S
PCB size(L*W)Max size: 500mm*450mm(single PCB)
500mm*300mm(double PCB)
Min size: 50mm*50mm
PCB thickness0.5~4.5mm
PCB clampingCylinder clamping, track width adjustable
Rail2 Rail,2 gantries(Rail 1,4 are fixed rail)
SystemWindows 7
SoftwareR&D independently
Production management MES systemCustomized(Option)
Off-line programmingAvailable
No. of camera4 sets(Digital camera)
Bottom vision camera recognition
Vision alignment+ Mark correction
Repeat precisionCHIP±0.02mm
Mounting height≤6mm
Mounting speed120000CPH(Optimum speed)
Components rangeMin 0201 packages and lC etc.
Power380AC 50HZ 6KW
Operating environment23°C土3°c
Transmission directionStandard: Single direction
Transmission modeOnline drive
Position modeOptical
Air consumption0 4-0.6mpa (4-6kgf/cm2) 150N/min
Electrical controlIndependent research and development by ETON
Motion control card module 1 setIndependent research and development by ETON
X,Y.,Z Axis drive wayHigh-end magnetic linear motor +Servo motor
No.of Feeder stationDouble side docking cart slot 32PCS,tape reel packages:64PCS(single side docking cart slot 16PCS,tape reel packages:32PCS)
No.of HeadsDouble side:40pcs(single side:20pcs)
Feeding wayIntelligent Double head Feeder

Note: The above mounting speed is the value under the optimal state, the actual speed varies with the mounting product

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